When purchasing your Smart TV you will want to take into consideration the children in the family. home cinema design can be arranged where it is not only fun for the children but educational as well. Following are some ways that you can help your children benefit from not only Smart TV but TiVo as well.

Smart TV

The Smart TV with its wireless capabilities is a great video game center. By moving the couch back and making room in front of the television the children will have room for physical movement. With the growth of technology most children do not get enough physical activity. Having a Smart TV can be just what is needed. It can also be used for the children to talk to other children or to receive help with homework.

The great thing about the Smart TV is a parent can set it up to where children access it at a different home screen than an adult. There are even apps that are just for children. Some of the apps available for children are

1. Playing Nado Hutos

2. Sticker Theater

3. Gingerbread Man

4. Three Little Pigs

5. Kindergarten

6. Best Kids Songs

7. Pororo

8. Canimals

All of these apps allow children to interact with characters on the television screen. The children can interact with the characters through hand movements and voice control. They will be learning coordination while having fun at the same time and never realize that they are actually learning things. Children will have a great time watching the characters mimic their movements. There are apps for all the different age groups. Parents can set the children up with the app and know that they will be learning as well as having fun.


It is also possible for a parent to set up a KidZone so that they have total control over what their children are watching. Once the parent has set up the KidZone the children will not be able to change it. This can give a parent confidence that their child will not be watching something they should not be seeing.

Children also have their favorite shows the only difference is that they will watch the same show over and over. By recording it on the TiVo it is available for the child to watch as many times as they want to. There is a wide world of entertainment for the children so that they should never become bored. KidZone can be set up for

1. Toddler to Kinder

2. Grade School

3. Tween-dom

4. Teens

5. Best Cartoons

6. Classic Cartoons

7. Science for Kids

8. Best Kid Movies

9. Mouse House Movies

With all of the above available there is sure to be something that every child will enjoy. Parents can rest assured that they have total control over what their children is watching.

Using Smart TV or TiVo allows parents to have total control and be able to personalize the programs for their particular child’s likes and dislikes. It is one less thing for a parent to worry about when it comes to their children.