Technology has become so advanced that you need home cinema installers to bring out the best in your cable service. Two of the newest things on the market today are the Smart TV and TiVo. They make watching television just like at the movies.

Smart TV

For those of us old folks who do not know what Smart TV actually is, it is really not all that hard to understand? Smart TV is where the television that has internet capabilities. The internet access is actually built into the television. With a Smart TV you can access anything you could access on any other computer. This includes video on demand as well as social networking.

Some models of Smart TV are even made where you can Skype. All that has to be done is to hook up a webcam. The television will have a USB port where you can hook up additional accessories.

The way that a Smart TV accesses the internet is through an Ethernet port which is usually on the back of the television. This allows you to plug the television directly into your home router. It will depend upon the make and model of your television as to what applications are available. Some manufactures of the Smart TV have developed online stores where apps can be purchased.


The TiVo means that you never have to miss a favorite show. Not only will you never miss your favorite shows but you do not have to watch commercials. When you get used to watching television with your TiVo you will never be able to watch television without it. The Tivo can almost be considered a miracle in the way you watch television.

TiVo is very simple to operate even if you do not know the full name of the show you want to record. With TiVo all you have to do is to type in part of its name and it will bring up a list. You do not have to know what time or what channel the show is being broadcasted on.

Another great feature of the TiVo is that you can watch one channel while recording another channel. This feature is one that makes the family to get along a lot better as none of the kids have to miss their show again. With the TiVo you do not have to have a bunch of VCR tapes cluttering up the living room. All the shows are recorded on the box itself.

Most people who have the TiVo do not realize that the TiVo can record shows that it thinks you might like. How this works is when watching live television there is a button you can push stating that you like or dislike the show. The TiVo will then find shows similar to the one you liked.

When hooking up your television to cable the home cinema installers can help walk you through working either the Smart TV or the Tivo. Once you start using them your life will never be the same again.